Choose The Right Activewear for Your Workouts

Getting into a fitness routine can be tough for many of us, feeling comfortable and getting the most of your works each week will determine your results over time. If you are a Gym bunny or a fitness novice, you want to look comfortable yet stylish in your activewear. But how do you know when you've made the right choice of fitness wear?

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how to buy fitnesswear

Why shop for activewear? 

Ready to rock exercising? Then you need to invest in proper gym wear. The clothes you wear on purpose during a workout can enhance your exercise routine and feel-good experience, at home or in the gym. 

Clothing designed especially for workouts is breathable and sweat-resistant. Activewear keeps you cool and comfortable during cardio sessions, stretching or running. Some fitness wear can absorb or eliminate sweat, keeping you dry throughout longer workouts.  

How do I know which fitness wear is right for me? 

There's a simple way to get it right. Choose activewear based on the activity you want to perform - aerobics, yoga, running etcetera. Factor in the fit to your body and the materials the fitness clothing is made of since not all fitness wear is created the same. 

Bear in mind that cotton can absorb but doesn't evaporate sweat, which means damp and heavy clothing that can restrict your movements. Also, avoid any plastic-based fabrics that keep in sweat and increase body temperature as you continue exercising. 

Active fitness routine/aerobics 

Always wear comfortable and stretchy gym wear. Consider high-impact breathable synthetic fabrics that keep sweat away from your skin and reduce moisture, which is important for intensive workouts. 

Sports, running or biking

Depending on the activity, look out for activewear that provides extra cushioning, support and comfort. Choose stretching leggings with a tighter leg fit, and avoid any loose and wide-leg pants that can get in the way of moving. 

Yoga or Pilates 

You can go all out with stretchy and fitted fabrics that repel sweat, or equally with flowy and loose-fit yoga wear designed for low and minimum impact. 

How often should I buy fitness wear? 

Ideally, you want to change your activewear with the shift in seasons, or when switching from indoor to outdoor workouts. Dress for the type of workout you want, with temperature and weather conditions in mind.

For hot weather, invest in sweat-resistant and breathable fitness clothing. In cold weather, favour layered clothing with an insulating layer on top to protect you from the cold and elements (especially if you're exercising outdoors). 

As long as you feel comfortable in your activewear, you're good to go!

Upgrade your fitness wear

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