How to Get a Flat Stomach with Shapewear

Staying in shape is a battle we all come across eventually, as the years go by it gets tougher and tougher and even for those who are pretty athletic, the battle against the bulge is real.

Do you feel you have too much stubborn body fat in the waist area? You are not alone.

More than 68% of women in South Africa are overweight with a high-risk waistline, according to Stats SA. Women with belly fat face an array of health problems but also poor image and low self-esteem.

Getting a flat stomach with shapewear helps women take back their self-confidence and improve their health, too. Now everyone can achieve all-day comfort and an instant slimming effect with flat stomach shapewear.

Troublesome tummy?

You may not be overweight but still, battle with excess fat in the midsection region. You want to smooth the skin and shed some waistline centimetres, too. We get you, sister.

Luckily, shaping panties and bodysuits flatten the abdominal region and hips, so you don't have to suck in your stomach every time you wear your favourite jeans. Less stress, no bulges, slimmer belly. What's not to love?

Sometimes flat tummy shapewear is a must to provide that perfect tight fit on special occasions such as parties, weddings or important events when you want to look and feel your best in a fitted dress or suit. We guarantee you will feel more confident!

Temporary tummy tightness

How do you know you've chosen the right shapewear for a flat tummy?

Yes, shapewear compresses the stomach area without drastically tightening the abdomen. But to wear it safely without discomfort, always make sure flat stomach shapewear does not put a strain on the belly. If it hurts, it's a no!

Flat tummy shapewear should sit comfortable and smooth the belly area without bulging. Check compression level (low, medium, high) and material elasticity. Choose lighter, more breathable options. And don't forget the style if you're wearing sheer clothing.

You may think a size smaller than your usual clothing size will keep the belly fat tight, but it's only going to cause discomfort. If it's too tight, too small or too uncomfortable to move in, try a bigger size.

Before you buy, check that the flat stomach shapewear is smooth and wrinkle-free by stretching and moving around. If it wrinkles, it means the fit is not tight enough, so try a smaller size.

Avoid tummy tuck

While shapewear should not be viewed as a permanent slimming option, it provides many tremendous benefits.

Getting a flat stomach with shapewear is a temporary yet effective solution to hide the tummy and reshape the abdomen without the need to undergo drastic changes like surgery. No tummy tuck, then.

Some studies even claim that shapewear for flat tummy helps to alleviate the pain of menstrual cramps by putting slight pressure on the midsection. Another benefit is improved posture through the compression applied to the waistline, which straightens back posture.

The bottom line

Flat stomach shapewear can contribute to a long-term reshaping goal of your abdomen area and boost your self-confidence while you work on your fitness. Wear it daily, and you will see the difference.

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