The Ideal Shapewear for Your Body Type

Finding tight-fitting clothing for your body shape can be difficult, depending on where you live some stores may stock ranges for only a certain popular body shape and you're left with minimal options. Shapewear can be a great option for helping you achieve that outfit hugging look but each body type means that not all shapewear works the same way on everyone. 

The best shapewear hugs your body in all the right places, enhancing your best assets. Once you know your body shape, shopping for your ideal shapewear becomes easy and fun.

Here's the best shapewear to buy according to your body shape:

Apple shape

If you have a round figure with a fuller bust and midriff, you need to narrow your waistline. Ideally, go for the full shaping bodysuit that defines the waist, a shaping camisole or shaping panties.

Choose high-waisted shaping pants that smooth your tummy or thigh shapewear that offers high waist coverage. You get the leg slimming effect, plus waistline definition!

Pear shape

You have a curvy bottom half and a slimmer bust area. When you sport fuller hips and thighs, you want to enhance the narrower upper half of your body and smooth those bottom curves.

Slim a full bottom with shaping pants and thigh shapers. You can't go wrong with slimming leggings that flatten those love handles or a tummy cincher to flatten the stomach.

Hourglass shape

You're lucky to have a small, defined waist. Focus instead on shaping your wider bust and curvier hips to avoid unwanted bulges.

The ideal shapewear? A shaping bodysuit, cami or pants that smooth and control prominent curves. With so many options, you are bound to find the perfect shapewear depending on style and coverage preferences.

Inverted triangle (strawberry) shape

If you have broader shoulders and a wider bust than your bottom half area, think about defining your waist. You may want to tone down the upper half, too, with the right bra choice.

In your case, the best shapewear to buy is a shaping bodysuit or cami that sculpts your abdomen, waist and back, while providing support for your fuller breasts. Bra-less shapewear is a great choice.

Rectangle shape

If your body is straight and your bust, bum and hip areas are proportionate but less curvy, the best shapewear for your slim figure is the one that adds curves in the right places.

Choose butt-shaping panties, shorts or leggings that lift and define your bum area to achieve that curvier look. Alternatively, bottom-enhancing bodysuits are perfect for getting the desired effect.

Find your shape

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to body shapes and how shapewear works with your figure. 

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