Why Jeggings Make Great Maternity Wear

Trying to maintain your wardrobe and having something to wear when your body is continuously going through changes during your pregnancy can be challenging. The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in something you feel uncomfortable in or don't like the look of and with maternity wear it's usually the later, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Jeggings or denim leggings are a favourite choice to look more stylish yet snug during pregnancy. Just like your trusty old jeans, only stretchier. Here's why and how to wear them.

Are maternity jeggings comfortable?

Yes. Unlike regular jegging or jeans, maternity jeggings are made of ultra-stretching fabric around the waist and hips to accommodate a growing baby - usually stretchy spandex or nylon. The ideal material should keep you in shape all day without the need of pulling, tugging or readjusting.

Can I wear tight jeggings while pregnant?

If you are worried about buying a tighter leg fit, know that it is completely fine to go for a skinny jegging while pregnant, only as long as you wear a comfortable and stretchy fabric. Too tight? Size up!

How do I style maternity wear?

Whether you need to dress up or down during pregnancy, you can count on jeggings as your everyday basic. Add variety through texture and colour, from white to dark denim, and wear with either loose tops or a more fitted blouse, your choice entirely. Want to add extra shape to your bottom? Choose a butt shaping and lifting jegging pair.

How do I fit maternity jeggings?

When fitting maternity jeggings, check if the pair sits comfortably below your baby bump (underbelly) and provides the support you need. Look out for hidden adjustable side panels or an elasticised waistband that can adjust and expand easily at any stage of the pregnancy.

How do I pick the right size?

As with most maternity wear, you should always buy for your pregnancy measurements - size, height and weight - and not that coveted pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy goal.

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